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Emslim Body Sculpting

Using HIEMT technology to contract your muscles beyond what is possible through effort, resulting in higher muscle density and fat reduction. The high-intensity electromagnetic technology contracts the muscles to 100%, while the radio-frequency energy warms the area, resulting in a skin-tightening effect.

What is HIEMT?

HIEMT is a non-invasive muscle stimulation that uses electromagnetic energy to induce muscle contractions.

When applied these devices emit high-intensity electromagnetic waves that penetrate through the skin and reach the underlying muscles.

The electromagnetic energy causes involuntary muscle contractions that are much stronger and more frequent than what can be achieved through general exercise.

This treatment builds muscle strength, and tone and reduces surrounding fat in the treated areas.

It is not a substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet but will complement when performed in conjunction.

What are the benefits?​

Hiemt can be performed on any part of the body that requires sculpting or shaping including, arms, thighs, abdomen, love handles, back, and buttocks without surgery, downtime or pain. Results are instant and can be magnified through multiple sessions (generally 4-10) to give long-lasting effective muscle toning.

The only procedure on the market that builds muscle while in kills fat, this systematic process aids in creating long-lasting results for both men and women in reaching their fitness goals without having to invest hours and hours of time at the gym.


Will I see results immediately?

Some clients can see immediate results from the first 30 minute session and a total recommended treatment schedule of 4-10 sessions is advised depending on the individual and the results they want to achieve.


How long should I wait between treatments?

You are able to have up to 2-3 treatments per week or as little as 1 treatment per week with a total 4-10 treatments recommended to achieve optimum results.


Are there any contraindications?

Pregnancy, implanted devices, metal implants, active infections, severe medical conditions.


Can I combine Hiemt with other treatments?

Yes! Hiemt works even better when paired with other non-invasive treatments. We will be able to recommend other treatments to you at your initial consultation depending on your fitness and weightloss goals.


Is It painful?

20,000 involuntary muscle contractions is unlike anything you may have felt before as it is not a common occurrence. You will feel as you do after you have completed a vigorous exercise with muscle soreness.

The treatment itself is not painful.


Pre treatment advice:

There should not be any metal objects in the treatment area during treatment. Body piercings/ clothes with zips etc

Treatment should be at least 1 hour after a meal

No eating or drinking during treatment


Post treatment advice:

Do not eat within an hour of treatment

Be sure to up your water intake

During the treatment course drink more water and eat high-protein foods

Avoid strenuous activity immediately after 

Consume a well balanced diet

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