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Here is a little bit of information on the product brands we use, stock and retail at ATB. 

  • 100% Natural. All ingredients from plants, fruits and minerals

  • Eco-Friendly products, ingredients and packaging

  • Vegan & cruelty free, no animal testing or animal ingredients

  • Pregnancy safe, no synthetic vitamin A

 – only naturally encapsulated in biomimetic oils

  • Made in Australia

  • Cosmeceutical ingredients

  • Biomimetic Delivery System


Lèkura is unique in the professional world of skincare. We develop only the highest quality of natural cosmeceutical and bio-active products to deliver real results, without using harmful preservatives or animal by-products. 

All active ingredients are derived from natural sources and combined into a formula to correct, repair and maintain overall skin health.  We work with the skins natural functions, not against it.  Steady and progressive treatment plans create long term results, opposed to harsh quick fixes. 

 We strongly believe in combining professional skin care programmes with a healthy lifestyle and diet as the skin is the largest organ of the body and works in sync with other vital organs resulting in our skins health.

La clinica

We are a cosmeceutical skin care manufacturer with our own in-house laboratory and manufacturing capabilities which allow us to have total control over our range from concept to final product.

LA CLINICA’s ingredients are of the highest possible quality and we are world-leaders when it comes to ingredient and formulation research with a focus on innovative, high concentrate active ingredients.


  • We do not formulate with mineral oils or parabens.

  • We do not test on animals.

  • Our product range is designed for all skin conditions to target the diverse needs of every individual. 

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The demand for ethical skin care products is on the rise ,

Dermafix makes use of this in the production of our skin care products ensuring no animals are harmed or abused during the production or testing processes.


Dermafix cosmeceutical skin care provides advanced skincare products specialising in Anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, Acne, Scarring and stretch marks, embracing a new proven technology as it develops.


Our skin care solutions and in-clinic treatments

with clinically tested ingredients provide measurable, scientific results for the correction, prevention and protection of the skin.


Advanced Nutrition program (ANP)

The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is an award-winning premium range of supplements, which support healthy skin, overall wellbeing and environmental awareness.

Using evidence-based research, our Nutritional and Skin Experts have formulated supplements, which combine premium ingredients to help maintain skin health and target skin concerns. We believe that the quality and combination of nutrients in our formulations are at a level that can really make a difference. Our ingredients, processes, partnerships and packaging all work together to provide a supplementation programme that not only encourages healthy skin but helps support a sustainable future.

The team at Advanced Nutrition Programme™ includes experts specialised in nutrition, professional skincare and pharmaceuticals.

  • Fragrance Fanatics

With over 30 unique fragrances, you are guaranteed to find your new obsession

  • Cruelty Free

We will NEVER test our products on animals or support any companies that do

  • Incredible Ingredients

Everything is formulated in house with only the finest ingredients to make your skin sing


hideAWAY prioritises your self-care. We have tailored our extensive range of body products to be your go-to whether you're enjoying a lazy Sunday at home, soaking up the sun on the beach, or on a night out with your friends. Feel hydrated and radiant every day knowing each of our product formulations are packed with nourishing ingredients. Fall in love with exploring our wide variety of signature fragrances that we have carefully curated with our hideAWAY family in mind. Whether you prefer a sweet, fruity or perfume fragrance, we have an array of long-lasting scents that are sure to become a staple in your daily regime.

Skin 02

Mineral Makeup is the healthiest choice for glowing skin!

Skin O2 mineral foundation is the number one choice for healthy glowing skin, Doctor Formulated with naturally occurring minerals & high-performance skin booster vitamins. It’s the perfect choice for a flawless, radiant look with health-boosting skin benefits.  Containing natural minerals including titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and mica all finely milled into super-fine particles for a superior quality foundation.

Guaranteed not to clog pores, Skin O2 Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, soothing &  hypoallergenic making it a top choice for sensitive skin, acne concerns, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and post-surgical skins 

Backed by Science, safe & suited for post clinical facial treatments, facial waxing, essential for everyday skin health. 

Our Mineral foundation colours have adaptation technology so they adapt well to your skin tone and give your skin a naturally radiant glow.

This adaptive technology makes colour matching choices a little easier.

Skin O2 medi-mineral makeup is the next level in your skincare + makeup routine.

  • The unique Doctors’ formulated mineral foundation helps to calm & soothe, build immunity, and boost the protection of the skin from premature skin aging, pigmentation & UV rays.  

  • Providing smooth, flawless coverage in all climates, you will love the feel, look & skin health benefits of Skin O2 minerals makeup.



  • Containing natural sunscreen - titanium dioxide combined with pure & stable powder form of Vitamin C (MAP) magnesium ascorbyl phosphate & blended with essential vitamins and anti-aging star performers, hyaluronic acid, active plant stem cells growth factors & advanced peptides!

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