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Alkaline Wash

An effective way to rejuvenate your skin. DermaFix Alkaline Wash works by softening and dissolving excess skin cells, which can help reduce pigmentation, scarring, inflammation, and acne bacteria. The treatment is also useful for cleaning out hair shafts and dissolving hair.


This unique treatment takes the skin's PH to the opposite end of the PH scale, creating an alkaline condition. This helps to soften and desquamate the cells.

Who is it for?


Alkaline Wash is suitable for a number of conditions, including acne, milia, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and scarring. In its process of dissolving dead proteins, the alkaline wash is great for removal of fine peach fuzz hair and clearing congested follicles such as those that cause folliculitis.

This treatment is perfect in conjunction with an Enzyme mask. 

Is it painful?

Not at all, you may feel a slight tingly feeling initially, much like a mild peel

How many treatments will I need?

​Just one treatment will give you an instant results for both hair reduction and glowing skin, lasting up to four weeks. We recommend treatments every 6 weeks to really reap the benefits.

How will my skin feel afterwards?

Your skin can feel a little stripped after removal, which is why as a stand alone treatment we apply a rescue balm to the skin to help protect the skins surface. This sensation settles very quickly, however if you combine the alkaline wash treatment with one of the Dermafix Enzyme mask treatments your skin will feel incredibly silky with a beautiful dewy look when you walk out. 

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